Ginger’s Ability to Help Against Osteoarthritis

Ginger’s Ability to Help Against Osteoarthritis

As a natural remedy, ginger has a lot to offer. One of the many benefits is its anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger may be a powerful tool to fight against osteoarthritis.  

Ginger's Effect on Arthritis

A study done in 2000 had individuals with mild to moderate knee pain due to osteoarthritis. It found that ginger helped participants experience less pain and could stand for long periods.  

In a 2010 study of participants with a muscle injury induced by over-exercising, participants were given 2,000 mg of ginger after the injury. It was found that ginger helped relieve the pain due to the injured muscle.  

Another study done in 2015 looked at results of a gel or cream applied topically to participants who had osteoarthritis in the knee. During a 12 week, period participants used a topical cream to their knees. The cream helped reduce knee pain and other symptoms associated with arthritis.  

Anti-Inflammatory Compounds

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to fight injury and infection. Too much inflammation can be harmful and cause damage and pain.

Positive results with using ginger are due to ginger’s ability as an anti-inflammatory. Ginger has the same anti-inflammatory benefit as a drug class called COX-2 inhibitors. Cox-2 inhibitors help treat pain and inflammation due to arthritis.  

Cox-2 inhibitors, however, comes with side effects that include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Insomnia
  • Sinus problems

Most individuals usually tolerate ginger. Some people may experience mild heartburn or gas with ginger.  

Ginger has a lot to offer. You can incorporate ginger into your diet by adding it to your cooking, drinking fresh ginger tea, or taking a high-quality supplement.  

If you plan on taking ginger to help with arthritis pain, consult with your doctor before you start. Ginger may interfere with some medications.  

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